How to design and style an eCard email

The eCards plugin features an email designer section, with a legacy (classic) editor and the new block editor. The plugin uses a Reusable Block for the email template.

As the classic editor will soon be obsolete, we will focus on designing a template using the block editor.

Quick Notes

Note #1: This option will override the classic editor eCard Designer.

Note #2: Some of the block editor styles will not be available inside your email client (e.g. columns, buttons and so on).

Here’s an example of a Reusable Block. Use the following template as a starting point for your own:

You have received an eCard!

[name] sent you an eCard!



Check your eCard here: [ecard-link]

You can also download this template and import it into your Reusable Blocks section, as a JSON file:

Note that the legacy (classic) Designer feature will be retired in a future version.