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Google Maps Driving Simulator

Google Maps Driving Simulator is a driving simulator tool on Google Maps that lets you virtually drive through routes from anywhere. You can drive safely, ignore roads, park, race on a circuit, and travel around the world.

The Story Behind the Google Maps Driving Simulator

For enthusiasts of racing games, the idea of exploring the real world virtually is compelling. However, not everyone has the resources or time to drive around and plan trips, making simulations an attractive alternative. Most games, though, limit you to specific zones or smaller portions of a world, leaving much to be desired.

While exceptions like Forza Horizon and s l o w r o a d s offer expansive worlds, they require high-end PCs and a financial investment. Fortunately, there’s a more accessible and practical solution available.

Several years ago, Japanese developer Katsuomi Kobayashi embarked on an ambitious project: a driving simulator integrated with Google Earth. This endeavour involved recreating the entire world in 3D, complete with detailed tourist attractions, road networks, and accurate layouts. Although an early version was released, the project, which began in 2013, was abandoned in 2014 due to the overwhelming workload. Undeterred, Katsuomi developed a similar game using Google Maps, offering a comparable experience with certain limitations.

The version we present today has been updated and modernized. It will continue to receive updates as long as the Google Maps API supports it.

Exploring the Driving Simulator

While some users prefer Google Earth, Google Maps offers a more practical solution, requiring fewer device resources. This simplifies the game’s development process.

In this game, you control a 3D vehicle navigating a 2D real-world map. You can explore without restrictions. You have complete freedom, even driving on water, through buildings, and disregarding traffic laws.

The unique aspect of this simulator is its integration with Google Maps, allowing you to visit any location worldwide. We have included a search bar in the upper left corner, enabling instant teleportation to any place you type in.

However, this game is quite minimalistic. The vehicle ignores the laws of physics and cannot collide with objects, making for a very basic simulation experience.


Lots of features have been added, such as a minimap, tweaked physics, cleaned up code and an updated version of Box2D.

Original programming — Katsuomi Kobayashi


JavaScript, TypeScript, Google Maps API, Three.js, Box2D (modified)