We’re Retiring the Site Uptime Check

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Retiring this tool allows us to take on new product discovery work to understand how we can reveal even more powerful insights about your site experience in the future.

The Site Uptime check is nowhere near as well used as some of SpeedFactor‘s flagship tools. It’s not even a performance tool. If your site is going down too often, then you need to fix your hosting issue before trying to optimize your site for speed. So, we did our homework, balancing quant and qual and looking through our usage data. The reality is that there just isn’t a compelling case to keep the status quo.

The Site Uptime feature is only used by 12% of our users. The tool is not as robust as what you’ve got by using other solutions such as Uptime Robot or Pingdom. We’re not in competition with them — we recommend using one of these tools to really maximize your uptime checks.

We have found that even the Jetpack plugin offers a reliable uptime check.

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