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The latest ImagePress release – 7.8.1 – fixes more issues with bulk uploads and removes several PII (personally identifiable information) data. According to GDPR, here’s a quick read about PII:

Legally collecting and selling PII has become profitable, but PII can also be exploited by criminals to steal a person’s identity or commit other crimes. According to FBI statistics, identity theft continues to be one of the nation’s fastest growing crimes and can cause both financial and emotional damage to its victims. Due to this threat, many governments have enacted legislation to limit the distribution of personal information.

The following list contains examples of information that may be considered PII.

  • Name, such as full name, maiden name, mother‘s maiden name, or alias
  • Personal identification number, such as social security number (SSN), passport number, driver‘s license number, taxpayer identification number, patient identification number, and financial account or credit card number
  • Address information, such as street address or email address
  • Asset information, such as Internet Protocol (IP) or Media Access Control (MAC) address or other host-specific persistent static identifier that consistently links to a particular person or small, well-defined group of people
  • Telephone numbers, including mobile, business, and personal numbers
  • Personal characteristics, including photographic image (especially of face or other distinguishing characteristic), x-rays, fingerprints, or other biometric image or template data (e.g., retina scan, voice signature, facial geometry)
  • Information identifying personally owned property, such as vehicle registration number or title number and related information
  • Information about an individual that is linked or linkable to one of the above (e.g., date of birth, place of birth, race, religion, weight, activities, geographical indicators, employment information, medical information, education information, financial information).

Sometimes, one or two pieces of information can be combined with other information to compromise someone’s identity, even if the individual pieces of information seem harmless.

The update adds links to the profile editor and to the logout page when using the [cinnamon-login] shortcode.

Here’s the full changelog for 7.8.1:

= 7.8.1 =
* FIX: Fixed category assignment for bulk uploads
* FIX: Fixed post slug when using Author Tools
* GDPR: Removed occupational field meta
* GDPR: Removed employer meta
* GDPR: Removed location meta
* GDPR: Removed status meta
* UPDATE: Added profile editor link and logout link to [cinnamon-login]

More changes will follow to make sure the plugin is in line with the latest marketplace requirements:

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Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

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