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ImagePress Elements and WordPress Themes

Over time, we developed our own ImagePress-native theme, Noir UI, and we’ve added lots of features and native ImagePress integration, such as profiles, single image template, custom sidebar and custom shortcodes.

Last month we introduced ImagePress Elements, a plugin which adds several useful features to any theme.

We are also working on ImagePress 8.0, a completely new experience, allowing for better performance and more flexibility in implementing image galleries.

We decided to discontinue Noir UI and switch all features to ImagePress Elements, allowing site administrators to implement Noir UI features to any theme.

ImagePress Elements has no (or basic) styles attached, making it easy to plug it into any WordPress theme. For the moment, the plugin offers an email image approval feature, a dashboard bulk upload feature, a category shortcode and a user directory shortcode.

Over time we’ll add more features to the plugin and we’ll allow more themes to take advantage of the great features that ImagePress provides.

Photo by Lou Levit on Unsplash

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