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Personal Livescore Development and Future Plans

Personal Livescore plugin for WordPress

The Personal Livescore plugin for WordPress has been discontinued.

Here’s a bit of history. The plugin has been created years ago to accommodate a season of local competitions, including indoors football, beach volleyball and tennis. There were no local sports API providers, so this plugin was built as a manual API. An administrator would manually update the score and the time, and the live site would display a real-time feed, updated every 5 seconds. It was great, especially when being coupled with a live Google Hangouts video feed.

The plugin would also offer an embeddable <iframe> element to allow for including the score on other sites.

But times changed, the season ended, and there was no market for such features. Based on many of the plugin’s support questions, customers would not understand how the plugin worked. Combine this with CORS requests, an improper way of bypassing the cache to allow for real-time updates and lack of a market for live scores (compared to a live post or a live Twitter feed or even video) and the plugin got obsolete pretty fast.

You can still get the latest version from GitHub, for free, but there’s no support or future updates.

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