ImagePress is a multi-purpose fully-featured and WordPress-integrated image gallery plugin. ImagePress can be installed on any WordPress site.

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ImagePress is feature-packed:

Arrangement of images in unlimited levels of albums/categories, image information stored in WordPress database, users can upload images via web interface, allows both registered users and non-registered users (guests), allows image moderation or direct publishing, masonry layout, custom sizes and unlimited styling possibilities, search feature, allows image sorting by category, date, title, ID, random, both ASC and DESC, random picture, multi-lingual, user comments (based on theme design and Akismet-enhanced), pagination options (images per page), style options (background custom colour picker and fancy shadow), option to choose maximum width for thumbnails (create nicer looking thumbnail rows and cols, masonry-enhanced), extensive help pages, English as a fallback language for not translated entries in language files, easy to integrate with other WordPress plugins, 6 shortcode variations available, supported formats are jpggif and png, customizable image upload size.

ImagePress in the wild

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= 3.0 =

  • IMPROVEMENT: Completely rewritten the masonry plugin. No more inline JS, no more additional JS files, no more extra CSS code.
  • FIX: Fixed a missing style registration.

= 2.7 =

  • FIX: Removed the buggy frontend user table (administration is only available from the backend)
  • FIX: Added correct placeholders for name and email fields
  • FIX: Fixed configurator line breaks
  • FEATURE: Added thumbnail size to the configurator
  • IMPROVEMENT: Replaced image icons with FontAwesome icons
  • IMPROVEMENT: Removed several unused/redundant CSS styles
  • IMPROVEMENT: Removed 3 unused/redundant images
  • IMPROVEMENT: Removed 2 unused/redundant JS files

= 2.6 =

  • FIX: Sorting and filtering
  • FIX: Count parameter
  • FEATURE: Added filtering by user ID
  • FEATURE: Added Configurator (enable/disable any line inside the image box)
  • FEATURE: Added CSS transitions instead of jQuery (isAnimated Masonry parameter)
  • REMOVE: Removed “url” parameter (use Configurator)
  • REMOVE: Removed PressTrends tracking (better plugin performance)
  • REMOVE: Removed Modernizr (better plugin performance)
  • UPDATE: Combined 2 Javascript dependencies (better plugin performance)
  • UPDATE: General code cleanup

= 2.5.1 =

  • FIX: Fixed duplicated MP6 icon
  • IMPROVEMENT: Moved settings menu to custom post menu
  • IMPROVEMENT: All hardcoded submissions now use the category slug (please update)

= 2.5 =

  • FIX: Removed styling for file input (100% mobile compatibility)
  • FIX: Removed autofocus attribute as it was conflicting with theme features
  • FIX: Added current selected user (filter)
  • FIX: Removed author archive filtering
  • FIX: Fixed a wrong label in plugin’s settings
  • IMPROVEMENT: Switched hardcoded category as a shortcode parameter instead of a global option
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added updated code to single-user_images.php and documentation file
  • IMPROVEMENT: File cleanup (removed 3 unused files)
  • FEATURE: Added PressTrends tracking
  • FEATURE: Added user gallery on click (click on username, just like Deviant Art)
  • FEATURE: Caption is now a required field (HTML5 “required” attribute)
  • UPDATE: Update translations (both plugin and single template file)
  • REMOVE: Removed comments bubble as it did not count third-party comments and it was heavily dependent on cache
  • REMOVE: Removed placeholder compatibility for IE (just uncomment the code in js/main.js if you want to use it)

= 2.4 =

  • UI: Added dedicated MP6 dashboard icon (dashicon)
  • UI: Merged dashboard with the settings area for easier access
  • FEATURE: Image uploads now add authors as subscribers
  • FEATURE: Added option to hardcode a category
  • FEATURE: Added option to show or hide the category dropdown
  • FEATURE: Added URL address field (as a shortcode parameter)
  • FEATURE: New “Sort by author” dropdown function, now showing only users with images
  • IMPROVEMENT: Removed Formalize plugin
  • IMPROVEMENT: Removed hardcoded jQuery plugin