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“This plugin is unique in its design and in its support. The developer is very cooperative and professional and addresses all the buyers’ concerns immediately.”

“Excellent product, couldn’t find anything like it that exists anymore, and it’s by far one of the best plug-ins I’ve ever used. Also, the customer support is stellar, the developer will go above and beyond to help you in any way humanly possible. Definitely worth every penny.”

“ImagePress is the perfect solution for what I needed to make. It was easy to implement and the one difficulty I had (totally my fault, I simply overlooked a setting) was solved by the author’s prompt, courteous and precise customer support.”

“[The author] goes above and beyond for support. Plug-in is awesome, but I think the attention to customer support really goes a long way.”

“Excellent customer support, ImagePress is now running smoothly and performing well.”

“Great support for his product. Response is GREAT and so are the updates!”

“Best upload gallery and fast support!”

Build a user-powered image gallery with frontend capabilities, author profiles, portfolios and collections. ImagePress is a WordPress plugin used to generate user galleries. Users can upload images, categorize them, tag them and add a small description. Images are grouped into separate sortable and filterable galleries. Users can add images to public or private collections.

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Also available on Poster Spy (Note: this is not a test site!).

Some of the features of ImagePress include image uploading, image editing, image variants, detail shots, progress shots (à la Behance). ImagePress generates user profiles, user portfolios and user cards. Also, the plugin allows for frontend login, registration and password forgotten forms.

Some of the features include author profiles, custom avatars, cover images (à la Facebook), frontend profile editing, frontend registration and login, author portfolios (white-labeled, unbranded, custom template pages), custom slugs (/profile/, /u/, /p/, /i/, etc)

The plugin is able to create standalone websites, like CGSociety, ArtStation, DrawCrowd, LayerPaint, 3DTotal, Blender Cookie or Poster Spy. The level of customization includes colours, fonts, templates, dimensions and switchable features. No two websites will be the same.


Backend screenshots

Frontend screenshots

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We are slowly transitioning from our custom Trac plugin to GitHub.

The frequently asked questions and the changelog are available inside the plugin’s documentation PDF and the readme.txt file.


ImagePress Tutorial: How to Customize Your Single Image Template

ImagePress 5.6.3 Maintenance Release

ImagePress 5.6.1