11 Places to Find Beautiful Free Illustrations

Ciprian on Wednesday, July 15, 2020 in Blog, Marketing

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Alegria Illustrations

2020 saw the rise of this trend with countless sites, SaaS websites, startup websites and design sites adding illustrations to their landing pages. A move sideways from full-screen photos. From a technical performance point of view, it’s a good move, as PNG images are almost 4 times smaller than their JPEG counterparts.

From a design point of view it’s also a good move, as it looks fresh, although more and more overdone.

Query the word “illustration” on Google Image search and you’ll see what I mean.

The vector-based style, characterized by flat colors, simple shapes and a pared-down color palette, doesn’t have an official name. It’s most widely referred to as “flat illustration” or, pejoratively, “Corporate Memphis,” alluding to its frequent appearance in ads and interfaces for tech companies like Lyft, Spotify, Oscar, Airtable, and many others. Facebook calls its “gangly-armed” cartoon figures “Alegria.”

However, if you’re still thinking to join the trend, here’s a list of 11 places to find such illustrations.

Absurd Design
Free Surrealist Illustrations and Vector Art

Mix & Match Illustration Library

Icons8 Illustrations
Free Vector Illustrations

Freepik Illustrations
+464,000 Free Illustrations Vectors in .AI and .EPS format

Beautiful, Free Vector Illustrations


Illustrations for Everyone

Lukasz Adam Illustrations
Free Illustrations

IRA Design
Build Your Own Amazing Illustrations

Open Doodles
A Free Set of Sketchy Illustrations

Honorable Mention: Butsss
A collection of beautiful round butt illustrations

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