An Unnamed Project – A Technical SEO and Performance Auditing Tool

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I’ve been working on a super secret project in the past weeks, a technical SEO and performance auditing tool. The concept is simple – you add your website, and we’ll test it every day and record the score, allowing you to fix any current issue AND to track the impact of any changes you’ve made to your website.

As a practical example, suppose you’re tracking your website, and you have a TTFB (Time to First Byte) of 2 seconds. You add a carousel to the homepage, or you add a caching plugin to your WordPress site, and the TTFB increases to 4 seconds and stays there for several days. There’s a clear indication that your carousel or the new caching plugin caused the slow-down. You can now act on it.

I have nothing public yet, but stay tuned for an alpha version. Use the form below to be notified of our project updates.

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