How to customize the eCards appearance

WordPress eCards Plugin with Email Designer

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Recently added in our eCards plugin, a new set of options to customize the appearance of eCard thumbnails is now available.

In eCards SettingsSettings tab, check out the options below:

Card Grid

This is the number of eCards per row. The grid uses the CSS Grid Layout Module, so it works with any page builder out there.

Card Image Size

This is the size of the eCard thumbnail and, depending on your theme design, it can be square, portrait or landscape.

Card Design

This is a set of options, including box shadow, box highlighting and border radius. Note that a border can also be applied using the Custom CSS tab. An example of a black border with a white highlight is below:

.ecard-grid-item label {
    border: 3px solid #000000;
.ecard-grid-item label:hover {
    border: 3px solid #ffffff;

Card Colour Scheme

The colour scheme can be either light or dark, and it should match the overall theme of your website.

Card Accent Colour

The accent colour applies to the eCard radio boxes and the highlight border (if enabled).

Experiment with these settings to find the best design for your eCards pages.