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ImagePress Development #1


In the past week, I’ve been busy working on an updated codebase for ImagePress. The main changes have been the updated profile structure and the slew of bugfixes and code quality updates. During the last bugfixing session, I have fixed or removed more than 200 issues. The code is slimmer and more modular.

Based on several third-party code analysis services, such as CodeFactor, Codacy or Code Climate, I’ve been able to improve and speed up the code by almost 30%. This is a lot, considering that most of the available WordPress image gallery plugins try to add every feature there is. This is, in my opinion, a big mistake, as lots of non-technical users are looking for specific/niche plugins, instead of 99-in-1 solutions.

That’s why I decided not to add any feature to ImagePress and, instead, focus on improving the existing codebase and improve the code. What I’m actually planning is releasing of several ImagePress modules sporting “interesting” features I’ve built for clients.

Another change is moving more PHP functions to AJAX-powered functionality, eliminating page reloads and improving user interaction.

If you’re looking for a light theme demo for ImagePress, check out my photo gallery.

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