ImagePress Development #12

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Another ImagePress release has gone live. The beauty of coding for an old plugin (2 years+ of inactivity) is that changes jump out immediately (at least for me). I know exactly what to fix, and I spot bugs and issues at first sight.

At some point in time, ImagePress had 2 extra modules as separate plugins – a lightbox library and a member directory. After being merged with the main plugin, they got disabled, somehow.

There is also some old (but good) functionality that lies behind some non-existent options (which return false, so they are never active). Version 8.1.6 fixes this.


As the plugin has been used for a few independent websites, lots of features were developed, but not included in the main plugin. I want to fix this and bring back as many features as possible.

Version 8.2.0 (coming out in July) will bring an updater feature, and I will be able to see who is using the plugin and also get some useful stats. So make sure you keep ImagePress up-to-date, so you can get the updater version and get all upcoming features.