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ImagePress Development #11

This was a large update. I finally moved to a major version – 8 – and removed lots of options. Note that upgrading from 7.x while using some of the options outlined below, might break your website. I advise you keep your current version.

= 8.0.0 =

* FIX: Removed non-functional image search
* FIX: Fixed missing pagination
* FIX: Fixed layout issue with Author Tools
* FIX: Fixed duplicate image collection
* FIX: Fixed collection styling for consistency
* UPDATE: Removed upload limits (implementation was JavaScript-based and not reliable)
* UPDATE: Removed feed (feature adoption was low)
* UPDATE: Removed front-end bulk uploader (implementation was done for several customers only)
* UPDATE: Removed tags (they have been disabled for the past 4 minor versions)
* UPDATE: Removed pre-7.8 cleanup feature (starting fresh)
* UPDATE: Removed option to enable/disable image views (performance gain)
* UPDATE: Removed custom fields (never implemented 100%, potentially breaking)
* UPDATE: Used Gutenberg gallery for secondary images
* FEATURE: Moved grid display to Flex

I’m moving the website towards a more modular and clean structure, while keeping compatibility with the latest WordPress version (5.2.2 at the time of writing this update) and its dreaded core editor, Gutenberg. From a code and feature point of view, ImagePress is one of the fastest image gallery plugins for WordPress out there.

There is another update coming this week, cleaning up some old code and updating all screenshots, tutorials and documentation articles.

So, stay tuned.

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