ImagePress Development #9

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Version 7.9.2 of ImagePress adds support for enabling image views (improve your gallery performance by disabling the views) and adds 2 database maintenance options: delete all image views and delete all image likes.

Another feature of this release is role-based limits. You can now set limits based on user roles.

There is also a fix for secondary images, something that slipped in a previous release. They are more reliable now and are used both in custom templates and in the native ones.

Good luck!

= 7.9.2 =
* FIX: Fixed secondary images not being displayed
* UPDATE: Added option to disable image views
* UPDATE: Added option to delete image likes
* UPDATE: Added option to delete image views
* UPDATE: Added feature to limit uploads by user role
* UPDATE: Refactored more jQuery to JavaScript code
* UPDATE: Refactored code to eliminate duplication

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Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

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