Numerical Integration Using JavaScript

Ciprian on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 in Methods, Events and Scopes

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This is a quick reminder on how to use mathematical functions inside JavaScript.


  • Use * to indicate multiplication: Type 4*x for 4x;
  • Use ^ to indicate powers: Type 4*x^3 for 4×3 and 12*x^-6 for 12x?6.
  • Use parentheses to delimit the argument of a function; i.e., type sin(x) rather than sin x.
  • Use parentheses to define the scope of an operation: For example, type 4*x*(x^2+1)^3 for 4x(x2+1)3 or 4^(2*x+1) for 42x+1 or (sin(x))^2 for (sin(x))2.
  • Do not type sin^2(x) for sin2(x), type (sin(x))^2 instead.
  • Do not use brackets [ ] or braces { }, use only parentheses to delimit a mathematics expression.
  • Functions you may use:

Trig: sin, cos, tan, cot, sec, csc;

Inverse Trig: asin, acos, atan;

Log/exponential: ln (natural log), or use log; exp, the natural exponential; Note: You can also enter the natural exponential exp(x) as e^x for ex.

Misc: sqrt, usage sqrt(x) for ?x (or, use exponential notation: x^(1/2)).

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