SpeedFactor Update: Less is More

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The past few weeks have brought some long awaited updates to SpeedFactor. As I am focusing on tracking speed, some of the tools provided have become redundant or outright useless. Take for example the DNS records checker and the SPF/MX tools. There are plenty of free tools online and I am sure my SpeedFactor customers are not paying for those, but for the ability to measure and track their website speed.

The other tool that has been removed is the security tracker, which is now available as a standalone website security audit here.

Feel free to use without any restriction. The SpeedFactor implementation of this audit recorded the score over time, but I feel it was overkill, as this is not something that changes too often.

Through my measurements in the past 6 months, I noticed that the security audit was mainly overlooked and not of interest. Obviously, the selling points for SpeedFactor are pagespeed measurement and tracking.

Getting rid of these small features allow me to focus more on the speed side of it and introduce (or break down) more metrics.

The Beacon is also an interesting feature, as it seems to provide valuable data, but it’s not explained in more detail. That’s another feature I’ll be focusing on.

I am working on a simpler Dashboard UI and better Beacon documentation. Also, in the past weeks, I have updated the server architecture behind the measurement jobs and I expect the updates to be faster from now on.

Photo by Abby Savage on Unsplash.

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