Thin UI: My Opinionated, Lightweight UI Framework

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Thin UI

Not your average UI framework, but a minimalist, one-size-does-not-fit-all, lightweight, responsive, modern, opinionated, Flex-based framework.

I’ve been building, iterating and refining this UI library for more than 6 years. I’ve called it Thin UI. After being in alpha state for more than a year, and then in a beta state for several months, I have updated it to avoid any possible conflict and published it.

I am using it in more than 100 projects, starting from basic, static HTML/PHP to Hound CMS and WordPress.

It’s opinionated, as in I’m using what I think is best for performance and modern browser compatibility. There’s room for growth and improvement, but for the moment I am keeping it “thin” as I am using it in several heavily-optimized projects, so I need only the basics, i.e. a powerful FlexCSS grid, form elements, buttons, tabs and popovers.

For the moment it only includes CSS styles, but a future version will bring some nice JavaScript features and improvements, such as a modal popup, custom alerts and a checkbox-based multiselect field. It’s things I’m using in my back-end projects. It’s light and fast.

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