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Active Analytics Tracking Update

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Active Analytics has reached version 2.3.

As part of an ongoing speed improvement initiative, we decided to switch to asynchronous tracking (from a direct PHP call).


  • Bypass caching plugins
  • No pagespeed penalty
  • No Google Core Web Vitals influence


  • None :)

In the same asynchronous call, now you can track pageviews – a simple post based counter. This feature is based on an internal, client-only plugin, which adds zero load to the MySQL server for hundreds of thousands of pageviews on a daily basis.

Note that the new asynchronous tracking is marked as experimental, but it is fully working. Probably version 3 will have it enabled by default.

Other changes include a slimmer database structure (no more date and time, only timestamp). Also, I am now using the ChartJS library for all charts.

Here is the full changelog for version 2.0.3:

= 2.3.0 =

* PERFORMANCE: Remove bot file requirement (use inline arrays)
* UPDATE: Speed up client tracking
* UPDATE: Switch chart overview to ChartJS (from custom CSS and tables)
* FEATURE: Add asynchronous tracking
* FEATURE: Add asynchronous pageview tracking
* MAINTENANCE: Move settings to a separate file

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