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Our new digest series aims to provide web designers and developers with a single location to discover the latest and most significant stories on the web, while sipping a hot coffee.

If you’re like us, you spend hours every day browsing through hundreds of sites and articles, hoping to stumble across relevant news stories.

We search through hundreds of posts on blogs, social media, and news channels, to deliver the most essential stories of the day. Our content covers quality news, fresh tools and apps, case studies, code demos, inspiration posts, videos and more.

How to Reduce the Cost of JavaScript
An increasing reliance on JS can result in needless performance issues for our users. Addy Osmani looks at how a little discipline can help.
javascript tutorial

How Redux Works: A Counter-Example
An attempt to demystify Redux, a popular state container for JavaScript apps, with a ‘backwards approach’.
javascript tutorial

Luxon: A Chainable Wrapper for JavaScript Dates and Times
From the creators of Moment.js, Luxon provides DateTime, Duration, and Interval types, as well as parsing and formatting for common formats.

Currying Is Not Idiomatic in JavaScript
The good doctor explains “why, in my opinion, currying is not a good fit for JavaScript.”
javascript tutorial

GitHub Introduces Security Alerts for JS Projects
It’s possible to track your project’s dependencies directly in GitHub and if you do, GitHub can now notify you of vulnerabilities in them automatically.

WebAssembly Support Now in All Major Browsers
Apple and Microsoft are shipping WebAssembly support in the latest versions of Safari and Edge so all 4 major browsers can now run code compiled to the wasm format.

A Brief Introduction to Symbols, Generators and Streams
javascript tutorial

Learn and Understand JavaScript’s Reduce Function
Or Array.prototype.reduce(), more specifically.
javascript tutorial

Easy ES6 Goodies for Busy JavaScript Developers
“a good basic introduction to three of the most useful ES6 goodies”
javascript tutorial

Build a Server-Side Rendered Vue App with Nuxt.js
javascript tutorial

Developing a Chrome Extension using Angular 4
javascript tutorial

Start Using Babel 7 Beta Today: What’s New and How
javascript tutorial

Web Workers Can Be ES6 Modules Too
OK, Chrome doesn’t support it yet, but work is underway.

Converting 600k Lines to TypeScript in 72 Hours
Specifically, from Google Closure-annotated JS.
javascript typescript

How GitLab Uses Vue: One Year Later

High Performance JS in V8: How V8 Is Faster Than Ever
A 20 minute tour of V8’s latest code-generation architecture.

remoteStorage.js 1.0.0: Local Data Storage with Remote Syncing
A project that’s as old as this newsletter.

bent: Functional HTTP Client for Node with async/await Support

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