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I have launched WPDublin.com on February 1st, 2018.

The idea behind this site is to provide site maintenance, site upgrades and site care to WordPress-based small and medium businesses.

While the owners can manage their own sites, it’s nice to have a dedicated third-party look after WordPress updates, server software upgrades, plugin conflicts and compatibility issues.

What are the main features?

  • Site support (plugin updates, theme updates, maintenance, malware removal, uptime monitoring, certificate monitoring, security monitoring, server tweaking and more)
  • Site audits (security, performance, basic visibility) – weekly/monthly/on-demand
  • Site backup
  • Site features (frontend, backend, general management)
  • Site transfer (server to server)
  • Site/domain migration
  • Site conversion (static site to WordPress)
  • Plugins/themes suggestions, installation and debugging

Over time, I want to add more WordPress tutorials, hosting suggestions and reviews, a job board and a blog.

Check out the maintenance pricing plans and read more about it here.

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