WordPress Plugins – Focus Update

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“Every 3-6 months, it’s smart to take a step back and see if you are still on the path you chose to pursue”

Dan Koe

In the age of distraction, focus is a superpower.
I choose fewer distractions, more meaningful projects.

As part of my 2024 plan to simplify and focus on fewer products and verticals, I am retiring a few commercial WordPress plugins:

The main reasons are lack of time for maintenance and marketing.

I’m also offering some of my free plugins for takeover. They are listed on the WordPress.org repository. Again, I don’t have time to maintain them, and they are WooCommerce specific, which is not my area of interest.

I am not asking for anything in return, but a good owner and continued maintenance. I can offer a solid backlink from my site to the new owner’s site.

If I get no offers, I will either completely remove them or give them away to a local company, mainly WP PixelCard. vote5 might be absorbed into ImagePress and Acquaint FAQ.

The rest, such as WP Send and the WooCommerce ones, might turn into tutorials, or go straight to GitHub and archived.

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