Fixtures and Results

Fixtures and Results v3.2.1

Last released on January 29, 2017 in WordPress Plugins

Price: $17.00 · License: GPL-3.0 · Reviews

This WordPress plugin records, displays and searches football (soccer), hurling, camogie and handball matches. It also allows for easy management of competitions, formations and venues. It features an auto-updatable player database and advanced widgets.

This WordPress plugin stores competitions, matches, formations and players in a database for easy archiving and display of both retroactive and upcoming fixtures. The plugin is setup with preexisting codes (football, hurling, camogie, handball) and grades. Some of the sport codes are country-specific.

How to use

The plugin uses an advanced administration section, having its own top-level menu inside WordPress dashboard. Information is interlinked between sections, such as teams, formations, venues, competitions and matches.

The plugin also offers two widgets, one showing the latest result (either generally, or manually filtered by the user) and the other showing the upcoming fixture (also generally, or manually filtered). Widgets can extract information from ALL matches or from SPECIFIC codes or grades.

A widget is a draggable box which displays Latest Result and Next Fixture details. In order to display the latest result based on code and grade, go to the Widgets section and drag F&R Latest Result widget to your sidebar. Add a custom title, select a code and a grade from the suggestions box and save the widget.

In order to display the next fixture, go to the Widgets section and drag F&R Next Fixture widget to your sidebar. Add the required details and save the widget.

All database records can be fully edited or deleted.


A shortcode is a shortcut for a complex function. Use the following shortcodes to add information to WordPress posts or pages:

[frp-formations id="1"] – Displays a team formation using of the 2 possible templates (13-a-side and 15-a-side). Replace 1 with the desired team formation ID from the Formations page inside the plugin administration area. Use this shortcode in a post or page.

[frp-fixtures] – Displays all upcoming/pending fixtures. Use this shortcode in a post or page.

[frp-resultsyear year="2016"] – Displays all results from a specific year. Replace 2016 with the desired year.

[frp-resultsyear year="2016" competition="10"] – Use the competition ID from Competition (ID) (Stage) column in Matches section to filter results on posts and pages based on optional competition ID.

[frp-archive] – Displays a filterable matches archive, just like the one on Matches section.

How to install

This plugin features 9 new tables, all prefixed with frp_ in order not to mess with the existing WordPress installation. Just activate the plugin and it ready and populated with preexisting data.

You are now ready to use the Fixtures & Results plugin.

The plugin database tables and information will not be deleted or overwritten upon upgrade or deactivation.

How to upgrade

The plugin features an automated installation routine, and upgrade is as simple as overwriting the new files. Future versions may contain specific upgrade information in the /docs/ folder. Make sure you check out this directory before upgrade.

Also, here is a site that uses the latest version of this plugin:

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