W3P SEO is a light and fast developer-oriented plugin for the most used SEO features:

  • Local SEO schema
  • Open Graph protocol tags
  • XML sitemaps

Why W3P SEO?

The features above are the most requested features in every plugin. As an SEO specialist, I always advise only using the features you need. If anything can be done, technically, at a lower level, then you should do it.

Examples 1

WordPress has a native XML sitemap feature. I don’t need an additional layer on top of that. For 90% of the websites, this native functionality is enough.

Example 2

Ownership verification is mostly done at a DNS level for most search engines. Meta tags should not be used, if possible.

Example 3

Open Graph tags should be available, by default, in the theme. They are not a special feature. My W3P SEO plugin injects these tags very early in the page generation process and re-uses the default title, description, featured image and other WordPress-specific values.