Active Analytics Update: v2.1.0

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I have just released an update version of the Active Analytics WordPress plugin to fix 2 issues:

Issue #1: Data Retention Performance

Before version 2.1.0, data pruning was executed on every pageview, and, although the MySQL queries were cached, it still impacted page performance. On high traffic websites, this would be pretty noticeable.

In version 2.1.0, I have added a daily CRON job and removed all pageview functionality.

Issue #2: Data Retention Persistence

Before version 2.1.0, data retention period would not be reflected in the General Settings tab, but it would be saved in the database, generating confusion, if not frustration for users.

= 2.1.0 =

* FIX: Fixed data retention option not being displayed properly in General Settings
* FIX: Fixed readme.txt double heading
* UPDATE: Move data retention action to a daily CRON jon (instead of being called on each visit)
* UPDATE: PHPCS: Replaced old comparison with PHP 7+ comparison
* UPDATE: Updated ua-parser from 0.7.24 to 1.0.2

Update: UA Parser Library

Version 0.7.28 of UA Parser has been hijacked and injected with malware. Fortunately, Active Analytics used an older version – 0.7.24 – which was unaffected. Still, I have updated the library to the latest version – 1.0.2 – after double-checking for any malware injection.

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