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What is Active Analytics

Active Analytics have been one of our best-selling plugins almost a decade ago, when it was called Smashing Analytics. After a while, it went internal only and now we decided to make it public! It comes as a WordPress plugin, licensed under GPL 3.0.

Active Analytics Update

The new Active Analytics 2.0.4 brings some big visual changes and cuts down the useless reports.

There are 2 new/improved sections – Acquisition and Engagement – detailing the referrers and best content:

The referrer reports are split three-wise into All Time, Last 30 Days and Today. It’s something our customers have always found useful and it’s harder to get when using other analytics solutions.

Active Analytics - Top Referrers

The real time activity shows the landing page and the user agent (without checking for the device type). It’s 2021, and we assume all pages are optimised for all devices. Also, we try to keep the analytics engine as slim and light as possible.

Active Analytics - Last Hits

Active Analytics is a simple and privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics

Active Analytics is a lightweight and open-source website analytics tool. No cookies and fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR.
Made in the EU 🍀 🇮🇪.

Active Analytics is built for privacy-conscious site owners. You get valuable and actionable stats to help you improve your efforts while your visitors keep having a nice and enjoyable experience.

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