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I’ve been progressing the Article Reactions plugin for WordPress and I removed all image assets and replaced them with emojis.


The reason is that the plugin uses several CSS animations using scale and transform and the images don’t look crisp enough.

The other reason is page performance. For each plugin I’m developing, performance plays a huge part and I’m not adding extra features or bells and whistles just for the sake of having them.

The only thing remaining is to tweak the animation and update the back-end.

  • Compatibility with WordPress: 100%
  • Compatibility with ClassicPress: 100%
  • Compatibility with Andy Fragen’s GitHub Updater: 100%
  • License: GPL (available on GitHub)
  • ES6: Check
  • PHP7+: Check
  • Optional Gutenberg compatibility: Check

Added by Ciprian on Wednesday, September 30, 2020 in Blog

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