Accessible Multiselect Dropdown

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Sometimes you need to turn a multiple dropdown into a multiple checkbox selector. No other bells and whistles, no search, no custom functionality, no JavaScript dependencies. I’m working on one, currently 300 lines of JavaScript, gracefully degrading to a <select multiple>.

Note #1: This is beta, and some things might change!

Note #2: This will eventually be part of Thin UI.

Future Improvements

  • Better looking dropdown button
  • Absolutely positioned dropdown popup
  • Complete documentation and demo page

I have tried lots of solutions out there and I’ve even settled for for some projects. They are too glitchy sometimes and have way more features than I’ll ever need. The basic requirement for me is a multiple <select> dropdown element with checkboxes and search.

Added by Ciprian on Monday, September 28, 2020 in Blog

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