Beta Feature: Article Reactions 🤨

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Starting today, we have a new feature, currently in beta: article reactions. Basically, if you like a post or you find it interesting or not interesting, or simply meh, show us. On each article there’s a new icon (top right) where you can select one reaction.

Note that the placement and the actual design might change in the next few weeks, based on your feedback and behaviour.

Eventually, this feature will turn into a WordPress plugin. Right now, we have everything coded for maximum performance and the required JavaScript and CSS code is still being (micro) optimized.

Here’s some of the code features:

  • Vanilla JavaScript (ES6) with event delegation for faster script evaluation
  • PHP 7+ compatibility
  • Eficient and performant code

There are several WordPress reactions plugins, but nothing up to date (I found 4 or 5 not updated for at least one year) or lightweight.

So, start reacting!

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