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eCards, eCard Collections and the Block Editor

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WordPress eCards


May I know how can I control the display order of the ecard thumbnails?

I tried:

1. Drag and drop to change the order in media library
2. Use image ID (i.e. post ID of the media) in the shortcode
[ecard id=”59,50,56,53,41,47,44″]

However, none of above work. Did I miss anything? Please advise.

WordPress.org Support

The question above prompted me to look for an answer, as the new block editor does not show the Media modal for posts and pages anymore. So, reordering attached images is no longer possible.

One of the obvious solutions I have considered is an eCard Collection.

An eCard Collection is a regular image gallery (inside a custom post type), where images can be re-ordered, attached, removed and so on. Just like the recently added ID parameter[ecard id="1,2,3,10″] – I have added a collection parameter – [ecard collection="24"].

Here’s the steps to add a collection:

  1. Update to eCards 5.1.
  2. A new menu item appears – eCard Collections.
  3. Add a gallery block with as many images as you want.
  4. Add the collection shortcode in a post or a page.
  5. Enjoy!

Other changes include an outstanding update for the eCard post type, for the block editor, cleaning up and removing some uneeded assets and fixing some unused CSS selectors.

= 5.1 =

* FEATURE: Added eCard collections (gallery blocks)
* UPDATE: Updated eCard custom post type with the latest block editor labels
* UPDATE: Removed all old 4.x options
* UPDATE: Removed admin.css (improve back-end performance and reduce dependencies)
* UPDATE: Removed img/* (improve back-end performance, reduce dependencies and reduce overall plugin size)
* UI: Fixed/improved Flex columns
* FIX: Fixed eCard order when using IDs or collections

Note: This update applies to the paid version of the plugin, only.

Did you know that my eCards plugin has a free, lite version?

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