🍪 How to Expire localStorage Items and Replace Cookies

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Expire localStorage items

I don’t use 🍪 cookies anymore, I think they are too… rigid. I use localStorage items. By default, they don’t expire and they are saved as a key/value pair. Here’s how to add an expiration date/time.

We will learn how to implement expiry times for items stored in the browser’s localStorage.

This is how we set an item. We store the expected time of expiry along with the original information to be stored.

function setItemWithExpiry(key, value, ttl = 2592000000) {
    const now = new Date();
    // By default ttl (Time To Live) is 2592000000 (30 days)

    // `item` is an object which contains the original value
    // as well as the time when it's supposed to expire
    const item = {
        value: value,
        expiry: now.getTime() + ttl

    localStorage.setItem(key, JSON.stringify(item));

And this is how we get an item. When getting the item, we compare the current time with the stored expiry time. If the current time is greater than to stored expiry time, return null and remove the item from storage.

function getItemWithExpiry(key) {
    const itemStr = localStorage.getItem(key);

    // If the item doesn't exist, return null
    if (!itemStr) {
        return null;
    const item = JSON.parse(itemStr);
    const now = new Date();

    // Compare the expiry time of the item with the current time
    if (now.getTime() > item.expiry) {
        // If the item is expired, delete the item from storage
        // and return null
        return null;

    return item.value;


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