How to personalize ownCloud | Quick guide

A while ago, I have installed ownCloud on my corporate server account and I needed to personalize it and remove the ownCloud references.

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This is done in 3 easy steps. Keep reading below.

1. Change the logo

There are 3 versions of the logo, logo.svg, logo-icon.svg and logo-wide.svg, all 3 located inside /core/img/ folder. I have replaced them with .png versions.

2. Edit header.css

I edited /core/css/header.css to reflect my new logo changes. I edited the required lines and replaced .svg with .png. Location stayed the same.

3. Change the footer slogan/boilerplate

I also needed to change the “ownCloud – web services under your control” text, so I edited /lib/private/defaults.php and I have edited the required lines. I didn’t touch the URLs and links.

That’s all! Enjoy your own cloud!

Added by Ciprian on Tuesday, August 18, 2015 in Blog

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