JavaScript Game: Obstakl

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Obstakl is a game where the player needs to avoid moving obstacles, by controlling the main character using the mouse.

See the Pen Obstakl – JavaScript Game by Ciprian (@ciprian) on CodePen.

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Obstakl is not a game, but a showcase of what can be achieved with vanilla JavaScript. For JavaScript developers, it’s an exciting demonstration of the language’s capabilities in game development.

Here’s how it works: players control a block with their cursor, and the JavaScript code behind the scenes handles all the game mechanics. It tracks cursor movements, detects collisions with obstacles, and dynamically adjusts the game’s parameters, such as obstacle complexity and speed, as you progress.

What makes Obstakl engaging for JavaScript developers is its incremental challenge. As you play, the game becomes progressively more difficult, all thanks to clever JavaScript logic. This showcases the power of JavaScript in creating dynamic and interactive web experiences.

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