New ImagePress release, new profile editor UI and lots of issues fixed

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The latest version of ImagePress decouples the user profile hooks from the front-end profile editor. The reason is that, when there are multiple multi-user plugins installed on the same WordPress website, all the information appears on the same page if the user profile hooks are present.

Because I don’t need to follow the user profile HTML structure, I have also changed the front-end profile editor to use a modern CSS Grid design.

This profile update marks a huge milestone in the development of ImagePress and opens the path to more profile settings. As you can see below, I have added 2 new options, one for choosing the cover text colour (as sometimes the image would be too dark for the black text to be visible), and one for choosing the cover height. This is already configurable at website level (by the admin), and now it allows users to change this value to better fit the cover image.

Another (requested) update is the addition of several new social profiles, such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

One tiny breaking change is the Like/Unlike labels. They might need to be re-added and re-saved.

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