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eCards Documentation

January 12, 2021

This section has been moved to our new Knowledge Base portal.

ImagePress Documentation

July 27, 2023

Get ImagePress | Changelog Breaking Changes Version 8.1.5 changes the category taxonomy name from imagepress_image_category to image-category. After updating to 8.1.5, go to ImagePress Settings -> Dashboard to migrate to the new taxonomy name. No action is required on your part, just visit the Dashboard and you are all set. If required, regenerate (re-save) your

Lighthouse Documentation

March 31, 2023

Introduction Configuration As you install Lighthouse for the first time, you get a dashboard section (Settings → Lighthouse) showing you a summary of your options and your system settings. You also get a list of optimization presets. By selecting certain options, you can save page requests (prevent unused styles and scripts from loading) and database queries (prevent unused database