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eCards Documentation

January 12, 2021

This section has been moved to our new Knowledge Base portal.

ImagePress Documentation

January 29, 2023

Get ImagePress | Changelog Installation ImagePress requires WordPress 4.6 or higher in order to function as intended. We recommend the latest version of WordPress. In addition to this, PHP 5.5 is required for certain functions and modules. Check with your host before attempting to install ImagePress. Minimum requirements WordPress 4.6+ PHP 5.5+ Recommended requirements WordPress 4.9+ PHP

Lighthouse Documentation

January 20, 2023

Introduction Configuration As you install Lighthouse for the first time, you get a dashboard section (Settings → Lighthouse) showing you a summary of your options and your system settings. You also get a list of optimization presets. By selecting certain options, you can save page requests (prevent unused styles and scripts from loading) and database queries (prevent unused database