tail.select takeover and update

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I have been using the tail.select library on 200+ WordPress websites for more than 2 years. That number is growing, as the product is a WordPress plugin for real estate agents. It’s part of an advanced search form and replacing it with an alternative library would take lots of time and resources. A couple of weeks ago, tail.select disappeared along with its author.

The only message from the author, on npm, is –

Real life happens. Or personal issues. As developers, there’s always a risk of abandoning libraries or simply dropping off the grid. I understand.

So, as I have been maintaining this library on my own GitHub account, the next logical step was to fork it and re-release it, while keeping the license and the previous author details intact. The library had more than 1 million downloads

The library is now available on npm, jsDelivr and UNPKG.

My project still depends 100% on the functionality this library offers and it will depend for a long time. My plan is to keep updating it and removing old code, compatibility code and keeping modern browsers only.

I am looking for contributors and all patches should be approved within 24-48 hours, depending on my availability.

The documentation for version 0.5.15+ is here –

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