Tracking pageviews, sessions and unique users in WordPress using Active Analytics

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For almost 2 years, I’ve been tracking WordPress visits using my Active Analytics plugin. I’ve gradually removed Google Analytics from mine and my clients’ websites and replaced them with Active Analytics.

Recently, I’ve installed the plugin on 200+ websites, with no additional impact to page load speed. Overall, I’m happy with the codebase and the functionality. The plugin stores all pageviews and then builds charts and reports based on them. It’s pretty simple, and it offers all the required data for any small, medium or large business.

Here are some highlights from the latest version:

Rounded Stacked Chart Bars 😊

This is a favourite of mine, and it was very easy to implement using the new ChartJS 4+ library. Also, the UI and the performance of all charts has been drastically improved.

Active Analytics Dashboard Chart
Active Analytics Dashboard Chart

Simple Pageview Counter

This feature has been present in the plugin for a while now, but it has been updated recently. Basically, this counts all pageviews for all pages, posts and all the other public custom post types.

Extended Compatibility

The plugin works with both ClassicPress and the most recent version of WordPress (currently 6.2).

I have no further plans to add new features, but I intend to make the plugin even faster and build more reports. I am also considering adding events by exposing an endpoint. This will help with tracking various events and actions, such as downloads, “fake” clicks (such as modal pop-ups) and more.

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