What Makes WordPress a Good SEO Tool?

Ciprian on Monday, June 11, 2018 in Blog

Check out my latest WordPress presentation, regarding search engine optimisation using my CMS of choice, WordPress.

WordPress PresentationWordPress is used on 30.0% of the sites out there. WordPress is very easy to install and has very loose/low requirements. Any non-technical user would be able to install WordPress and start adding content straight away.

Immediately after installing or migrating to WordPress, your site is 50% optimized. The rest is just a matter of installing a few plugins and you’re all set.

There are major advantages of using WordPress for SEO starting from native page optimisation, native social optimisation, Google integration via Search Console and AMP links for mobile and many, many more. Any search engine optimisation requirement can be solved easily by using a WordPress plugin.

Switching/migrating to WordPress gives you ease of use, better support, better options, better search engine visibility, countless third-party integrations, portability and easy management.

Read more here.

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