WordPress eCards Update (2020)

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WordPress eCards

It’s been almost a year since the eCards plugin received an update. The plugin has been working properly, even with the block editor or the Gutenberg plugin.

Here’s some recent customer reviews:

This is the most awesome plugin I have used in a long time. My site incorporated this into the site to allow users to send eCards to the bereaved. It’s Perfect, well thought out and works perfectly.

Highly recommended and worth every penny. One can sell their eCards also which at this time we are experimenting with the free version.

Chris B

An excellent plugin and the customer support is superb. Any question I have had has been answered promptly and completely. Very happy!

Miracle Center

Installed this plugin on a charity’s website and it’s working nicely. Features are pretty much what I’d expect. Glad it’s not overloaded with settings.

It’s a really important tool for us, because last Christmas we made ~£600 from donations by people clicking a link in e-cards. This year we’re aiming for over £1,000.


During the past year I had not been able to fully support the plugin, hence the 4 out of 5 ratings, but I do intend to rectify this.

After several customer requests, I decided to update the plugin to take full advantage of PHP 7+, WordPress 5.3+ (although the plugin still works with WordPress 4.9 and ClassicPress) and ES6.

Here’s the list of fixes and updates for version 5.0:

New Feature: Reusable block for the eCard email template.

As the block editor has really taken off in the past year, I decided to optionally add a reusable block (in addition to the legacy classic editor one). The idea is that some people are more comfortable with the block editor and they are more creative there.

Note that this option will override the classic editor eCard Designer.

Also note that some of the block editor styles will not be available inside your email client (e.g. columns, buttons and so on). The CSS styles are not appended to the template, so the columns, the buttons, the covers and other native blocks will be rendered as simple <div> and <p> elements.

Update: Updated PHP requirements to 7+ (7.3+ recommended) and updated WordPress compatibility (tested with 5.5-alpha).

Update: (BREAKING) Removed PayPal functionality.

As the PayPal API got updated, the eCards functionality stagnated and the payment functionality started to be unreliable or not working at all. This option is now available via third-party plugins, which can integrate with more payment gateways, such as PayPal Standard, PayPal Express, Stripe and more.

Update: General updates.

Part of the plugin update, I have updated several suggested plugins such as Post SMTP and thumbnail regeneration. Also part of this refresh, I have fixed the support/documentation links pointing to moved pages, and added a clean up routine (note that starting with version 5.1, all old 4.x options will be removed). Several unused files have been removed and the UI has been tweaked: the Dropbox button has better visibility on dark themes and the eCard radio box is now 100% native (no cheesy CSS transforms).

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