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It’s been over 2 months since I launched SpeedFactor. And over these months, I have made a lot of progress.

Just as a quick recap: SpeedFactor went from a basic site auditing tool to a full-featured site tester, including speed tracking, performance tracking, security, payload tracking, SEO and many more features.

If you haven’t played with SpeedFactor in the past few months, give it a try. It’s free.

The reason I am asking you to give it a try is that I need your help to determine what I should develop next so I can help you improve your speed and security even more.

But before we get into that, let me first tell you what I am releasing in the next few months.

Upcoming features

So, let’s break it down by section as I am making a lot of small changes that should not only improve the data, but also the usability of the service.

  • The speed and performance diagnostics and opportunities will become more personalized, based on other linked factors, such as security and SEO.
  • There will be tips and tricks for every feature, every score, every grade and every report.
  • The UI will be improved and iterated over based on your feedback.
  • Data retention will be tweaked and increased for each plan, so you can have a better bird’s eye view on your progress.
  • You will receive weekly reports.


A huge problem with SpeedFactor is that you have to continually come back to get value. In the next month or so, you will start seeing email alerts and reports that will tell you what’s happening with your site and what you should fix.

Usability fixes

The biggest problem with SpeedFactor is people don’t know what to do with the data or how to improve their grades.

This will be fixed in the upcoming months.

From an education center and demos to tutorials and more, I am creating a guided path so you can see better gains in your search traffic.

Where do you want me to take SpeedFactor?

I will keep focusing on speed, security and on-page, technical SEO.

Are you interested in seeing any scores or values you’re not currently seeing?

What is your biggest bottleneck when it comes to speed/security optimization?

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