In Case You Missed It – My CodePen Snippets, Experiments and Code Samples

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This post is an assortment of JavaScript snippets, experiments and code samples created for various projects. They are pretty small and specific, so they didn’t make it into a full post.

A minimalistic vanilla JavaScript off-canvas navigation
In dire need of CSS styling. Contribute, fork or comment below.

Native JavaScript drag&drop upload
A modern browser solution for drag&drop uploads. Vanilla JavaScript only.

Multiselect dropdown with real-time filtering
An updated fork of an old project. In dire need of CSS styling. Author Box
A small experiment for one of my blogs.

JavaScript date formatting
A simple JavaScript snippet to format date. No dependencies.

HTML5 password validation
A native HTML5 password validation. A pretty experiment.

Vue.js field mirroring
A small experiment I did for joining field values.

Awesome jQuery month picker
A simple jQuery month picker with custom hidden fields.


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