Lighthouse Security Update: Brute-Force Login Protection

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Security Update: Brute-Force Login Protection

Have you heard about the latest update to the Lighthouse WordPress plugin? It just got even better with the introduction of Brute Force Protection for login!

For those who may not be familiar, Lighthouse is a performance tuning plugin that helps to speed up your website and get rid of any unnecessary elements that might slow it down. And now, with the addition of the Brute Force Protection, your site will be more secure than ever. This module will block and keep track of any malicious login attempts, keeping your site safe from both traditional and distributed brute force attacks.

But, wait, there’s more. Lighthouse has tons of options, a sleek and professional design, and no annoying ads. It also has lazy loading to make your pages load faster and a compatibility with the most popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera.

Not only does Lighthouse remove the “bloat” from your WordPress site, it also provides you with valuable performance data, so you can make informed decisions about optimizing your site. And, the best part is that it won’t interfere with any caching plugins, performance plugins, or Cloudflare. Plus, you’ll always have the latest updates thanks to its automatic lifetime updates.

With the latest update, you’ll also get minification, theme tweaks, media, and storage options to further improve your site’s performance. So, if you want to enhance the speed, security, and overall performance of your WordPress site, the Lighthouse plugin is definitely worth checking out!

Key Lighthouse Features

  • Tons of options, clean and professional design, no ads
  • Lazy loading to speed up page loads
  • Works in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera
  • Removes WordPress bloat
  • Offers optimization presets
  • Offers useful data for educated, informed decisions
  • Tracks speed, page resources, memory, queries and more on a daily basis
  • Does not conflict with caching plugins
  • Does not conflict with other performance plugins
  • Does not conflict with Cloudflare
  • Gets automatic lifetime updates
  • Minification, theme tweaks, media & storage options

Changelog (Latest)

= 3.9.0 =
* FIX: Fixed undefined queries in WordPress back-end
* SECURITY: Add failed login count
* SECURITY: Refactor Dashboard cards and add a Security card

= 3.8.9 =
* UPDATE: Added (experimental) Time to First byte and Interaction to Next Paint to CrUX report
* UPDATE: Tweaked Settings screen header size for better visibility
* UPDATE: Added option to remove the classic-themes.min.css file
* SECURITY: Added brute-force login basic functionality

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