SpeedFactor Development Update

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SpeedFactor Development Update

It’s been a while since I have written the last development update for SpeedFactor and detailed my ongoing journey.

It’s time for another update.

Part of a user feedback session I had a month ago, I have decided to go with a separate domain for SpeedFactor and keep the development blog and the regular blog here on getButterfly.com. The feedback session reported the homepage as being confusing and not knowing what the relationship between getButterfly and SpeedFactor was.

The new, separate domain will fix this confusion, although it will have zero authority in Google. Being linked to from getButterfly.com helps a bit.

As part of this campaign, I’ll design a new logo and I’ll update the terms and conditions of use. Along with the new domain will come two new features and several bug fixes, along with increased limits.

Stay tuned for the official launch of the new domain!

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