ImagePress Development #2

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Sunrise - Willian West

A new version of ImagePress sees the light of day. This release fixes lots of issues and removes a lot of legacy code.

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It’s the little things that matter

ImagePress is meant to be used by members, not anonymously. Hence, the deprecated author name and email post meta have been removed. Lots of features depend on an image having an author, and a post meta does not suffice (and also introduces lots of edge cases).

I have also removed some unused labels.

I have also refactored the upload limits/restrictions for better performance. A customizable message is now shown dynamically, instead of being hardcoded, based on ImagePress’ options.

Getting ready for Gutenberg

Do I need all those tiny post meta values, or can I refactor them and rebuild certain parts of the plugin? The answer is yes, so ImagePress 7.7.1 adds more speed to your custom post types and makes the plugin compatible with Gutenberg in the process.

Sweet alerts

We now have better confirmation and alert boxes, called sweet alerts. They are less intrusive and offer a better user experience.

What went in

= 7.7.1 =
* FIX: Fixed collection maintenance action

= 7.7.0 =
* FIX: Fixed URL strings
* FIX: Fixed (non)countable arrays
* FIX: Removed social hub stub
* UPDATE: Added most liked images shortcode
* UPDATE: Removed old (unused) functions
* UPDATE: Removed unused labels
* UPDATE: Removed hardcoded video post meta
* UPDATE: Removed hardcoded imagepress author post meta
* UPDATE: Removed hardcoded imagepress email post meta
* UPDATE: Refactored upload limits/restrictions
* UPDATE: Updated CoreJS library for better IE compatibility
* FEATURE: Added cleanup/migration script for ImagePress pre-7.7
* FEATURE: Converted browser confirmations to sweetAlert2 library

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