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How to save all values from a form (21 hours ago in jQuery)

What’s this all about? I need to get all form data and save it in a hidden input field. I want to use it on a second form on the same page. window.onload=function(){ $(‘.form-paypal’).submit(function(event) { saveValues(); }); }; function saveValues() { var fields = $(‘:input’).serializeArray(); $(‘#results’).empty(); jQuery.each(fields, function(i, field) { $(‘#results’).append(field.name + ‘:’ + field.value + […]

jQuery ul/li sorting (random code snippet) (1 day ago in General, jQuery)

A recent project of mine required sorting an existing ul/li list. The only way to do it, without interacting with the PHP code was a jQuery snippet. See it below (there is no additional information or documentation available). // Sort destinations alphabetically // Ciprian $(window).on(‘load’, function(){ var groupedLiElements = $(‘#destinations .list:nth-child(1) ul.grouped’).children(‘li’).length; for(i=0; i<groupedLiElements; i++) { var […]

From TracPress to github (2 days ago in Web)

We’ve been using TracPress for bug reports for a while and everything went according to plan. But TracPress is itself a plugin which needed updates and bug fixes, so it wasn’t a perfect workflow. The plugin was open-sourced and moved to WordPress plugin repository. We decided to move our ImagePress issue tracker to github, as […]

ImagePress 5.5.7 (2 weeks ago in ImagePress, Plugins, WordPress)

ImagePress 5.5.7 has been released into the wild. = 5.5.7 = * FIX: Fixed avatar filtering * FIX: Fixed reverse sorting * IMPROVEMENT: Settings clean up What else is new? I have a new login page with settings and options, and I have refactored the user settings. During the next weeks, I’ll merge some options […]

ImagePress Progress (2 weeks ago in ImagePress, Plugins, WordPress)

Did you see the new login/registration customizer for the native login module? It’s coming in 5.5.6. If you were using ImagePress with a third-party login/registration customizer, it’s time to remove it. The new native login module loads all the functions and styles on demand, so there’s no additional page overhead. The login elements I used […]

How to get Trustpilot reviews based on tags and/or stars (2 weeks ago in Tutorials)

In order to use this code, you need a Trustpilot business account. You also need to manually request your API credentials. The script below is working as intended as of June 17th, 2015. <?php /* * Copyright 2015 Ciprian Popescu (email: getbutterfly@gmail.com) * * This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify […]

At the end of the day – Chapter 2: The Road (3 weeks ago in Novels)

At the end of the day – Chapter 1: Escape At the end of the day – Chapter 2: The Road The Road. Day 2. Almost 4 o’clock. The wooden bench was hard, but it was warm inside the garage and Ben stared to the ceiling. Wires, pipes, metal sections and flickering neons. A humming […]

At the end of the day – Chapter 1: Escape (3 weeks ago in Novels)

At the end of the day – Chapter 1: Escape At the end of the day – Chapter 2: The Road Dunn. Day 1. Long shadows began to form on the vast plains as the sun was rising. A foggy, too orange, too faint sun. A grey fog covered the ground in the junkyard. There […]

ImagePress 5.5.5 (3 weeks ago in ImagePress, Plugins, WordPress)

I have started refactoring the settings page and adding new placeholder functions for version 6. The most notable feature is the native login module, eliminating AJAX issues, third-party login integrations and moving towards WordPress core. The second feature is a wiki page placeholder. = 5.5.5 = * IMPROVEMENT: Added empty upload check * IMPROVEMENT: Removed […]

Dunn (4 weeks ago in Asides)

I’ll just leave this here. Long shadows began to form on the vast plains as the sun was rising. A foggy, too orange, too faint sun. A grey fog covered the ground in the junkyard. There was no movement and all seemed still. The silhouettes of the three metal capsules showed a thick layer of […]

I’m working on something… (4 weeks ago in Plugins, WordPress)

I’m working on something. It’s a zipping module for WordPress files. Say you have a customized plugin or theme on your server and you want to zip it and download it. Or you have an external folder – outside your WordPress root –  and you want to zip it and get it. The Zipper plugin […]

ImagePress themes (4 weeks ago in ImagePress, WordPress)

It seems that this month’s focus is ImagePress. This feature has been requested by several clients and it might see the light of day in a post-6.x release. Currently, ImagePress doesn’t have a visual customization module. I’m talking about fonts, colours, padding, margins, images per row and responsive behaviour. The plan is to include several themes (light, […]

ImagePress future features (4 weeks ago in ImagePress, WordPress)

ImagePress 6.0 is getting closer and closer. I am considering adding some native features and make the plugin even more compatible with other themes and plugins. I. The first feature I am considering is native login/registration. Instead of a shortcode, the login/registration window will use a customized core window. A basic settings panel will allow users […]

ImagePress (4 weeks ago in ImagePress, Plugins, WordPress)

ImagePress gets updated to version This is an internal release, it will only be available to certain users. It will be generally available next week, after a short round of testing. I have added back the requirement for name and email address for unregistered users.

eCards feature update (4 weeks ago in News, Plugins, WordPress)

Here’s a feature update for eCards, configurable form labels: = 2.9.6 = * FIX: Fixed user creation not being triggered * FEATURE: Added labels directly to plugin settings (instead of PO) * UPDATE: Removed label from the file upload button Also, version 3.0 is right around the corner. It might bring some goodies. Grab it […]

Going forward (4 weeks ago in News)

While testing the new Cloudflare settings, I decided to activate the flexible SSL option and go full HTTPS with getButterfly.com. After setting up everything and moving the site to HTTPS and changing all links and installing a Cloudflare redirection plugin, I discovered that certain site checkers were not able to access the site. Some locations […]

Agent 47 (4 weeks ago in General)

As a huge fan of the Hitman game series, I was amazed to discover Hitman: Enemy Within and Hitman: Damnation books. I am currently reading them on Google Books.

How to archive a folder using a form (PHP) (4 weeks ago in Tutorials)

Let’s suppose you want to create a small PHP function to archive various folders on your server. I had to code a plugin to generate archives from various folders for a site with no FTP access (don’t ask). Excluding the WordPress specific code, here’s the HTML form: <form method=”post” action=”” name=”zipMe”> <p><input type=”text” name=”folderPath” id=”folderPath” […]

Weekly updates (4 weeks ago in Plugins, WordPress)

This week’s updates include better performance for ImagePress, several fixed bugs, a cleaned up wp_mail() function for eCards and no more migration features for roo! Framework. ImagePress = = * IMPROVEMENT: Removed hardcoded social sharing buttons and added a hook * IMPROVEMENT: Merged spectrum.js with jquery.main.js * IMPROVEMENT: Merged spectrum.css with ip.bootstrap.css * FIX: […]

WordPress SEO checklist (1 month ago in SEO and Industry News, WordPress)

So, you’ve started your new site and you want to be the first in Google for the services you provide. Well, that’s easy, but it takes months of hard work. Let’s start with the first steps. Baby steps. There are countless factors that can propel you up the Google scale. Most of them are common […]

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