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PHP Development and WordPress Code Wrangling

PHP Development and WordPress Code Wrangling

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getButterfly.com specialises in all aspects of web development and management, handling PHP/MySQL code wrangling, WordPress plugin development, HTML2WordPress, HTML5/CSS3 templating and jQuery spicing.

getButterfly.com is a freelance web development one-man-show dealing with back-end and front-end development with over 13 years of professional experience in the web industry (web design, UI/UX analysis and design, HTML5 scripting, PHP/MySQL web applications, static and dynamic mobile app applications and project management).

getButterfly.com is in the process of being updated to version 4.1. New features include a brand new support forum, a fresh theme and responsive retina-ready images.

Keywords: design, maintenance & updates, migration, performance & scaling, WordPress plugin development, security, support & troubleshooting.