WordPress Plugins (Free)

Alert Me #

Alert generator plugin. Generates a slick CSS3 alert bar (info, warning, success, error). Use it by inserting a simple shortcode.

Download Alert Me (WordPress plugin repository)

Expander #

Text expander plugin. Just like popcorn. Click and pop. Use it to toggle (show/hide) blocks of text, by inserting a simple shortcode. Replace “Read more” and “Read less” with your desired text. Use “.wpex-link” class to style the links.

Download Expander (WordPress plugin repository)

Finance Calculator #

Finance Calculator is a drop in form for users to calculate indicative repayments. It can be implemented on a page or a post. It contains a real-time AJAX calculation option, which degrades gracefully on older browsers and uses a button to calculate repayments. The plugin also contains an application form which sends a message to a specified email address.

Download Finance Calculator (WordPress plugin repository)

GTop Analytics #

Adds GTop Analytics code to your footer or any other widgetized zone without messing with the source code. Read more about GTop on http://www.gtopstats.com/ [EN] or http://www.gtop.ro/ [RO].

Download GTop Analytics (WordPress plugin repository)

(Envato) Marketplace Items #

Display your Envato portfolio inside a post or a page. Style .envato-container class to override the current loose style.

Download Marketplace Items (WordPress plugin repository)

Portable phpMyAdmin #

Portable phpMyAdmin is a WordPress plugin which allows a user to access the database section straight from the Dashboard using a portable phpMyAdmin installation. If the user doesn’t know the MySQL credentials, the plugin extracts them straight from wp-config.php. This plugin requires PHP 5+. The installation is straightforward. Upload the Portable phpMyAdmin plugin to your blog, activate it, then go to Tools | Portable PMA to use it.

Note: The latest version contains security vulnerabilities, so make sure you use this plugin in a secure environment.

Download Portable phpMyAdmin (getButterfly plugin repository)

Responsive Sticky Slider #

Simple, responsive post slider with pagination (previous/next and page numbers). Select transition type, easing type, number of slides, timeout and custom category and place the shortcode or the template tag in your post or page. The plugin is responsive and adapts to any page width, either for desktop or mobile systems.

Download Responsive Sticky Slider (WordPress plugin repository)

Syntax Highlighter Lite #

This plugin prettifies/beautifies/highlights source code placed inside <pre class="prettyprint"> tags. It is a light plugin with only 2 files.

Download Syntax Highlighter Lite (WordPress plugin repository)

Pay2View #

Let your users pay to view content. Use it to hide download links, images, paragraphs or other shortcodes. This plugin allows the administrator to use a shortcode and hide certain content from guests until payment is completed. Uses PayPal.

To hide post/page content (text, image, shortcode) use the [ paypal ]Your content here[ /paypal ] shortcode. It will use the default price and currency. To specify a price for your hidden content and override the default one, use the [ paypal amount=11 ]Your content here[ /paypal ] shortcode. Place another shortcode inside the Pay2View payment shortcode: [ paypal ][another-shortcode][ /paypal ].

Download Pay2View (WordPress plugin repository)

WordPress Perfect Plugin #

Perfect Plugin aims to provide the minimum options for any starter or advanced webmaster. Perfect Plugin has basic options for search engines, analytics, easy code insertion, a simple contact form, Google Maps and StreetView and many other useful functions and shortcodes. It also provides a simple SEO tracking function showing several SEO/SERP statistics and ranks.

Download WordPress Perfect Plugin (WordPress plugin repository)

Youtube Playlist Player #

Display a Youtube player with jQuery/HTML5 playlist on any post or page using a simple shortcode.

Download Youtube Playlist Player (WordPress plugin repository)