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This is the place where WordPress users and developers facing similar challenges come to get learnings, access, and high-level connections.

Welcome to the new getButterfly community!

We started this community back in 2018, but it never went further than a start page.

It’s time to restart it, and this time as a community, showcasing Ireland’s WordPress designers, developers, hosting companies, and more.

How does it work?

The website works as a community submission platform. Add your news, services, updates, companies and whatever you think is interesting for a WordPress audience, both technical and non-technical.

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Inbound plugin roadmap

2 months ago by Ciprian | 0 0 99

This is the current roadmap for 2023 for the Inbound plugin (this one) allowing users to submit news, questions or [...]

Pinned Discussion Experiments


2 months ago by Ciprian | 0 0 110

This is the first getButterfly discussion! We have set an initial goal of 100 members and 100 questions, links, or [...]

Pinned Discussion Experiments

Dublin WordPress Meetup (June 2023)

4 months ago by Ciprian | 0 0 129

Would anyone be interested in an online meetup in June, just to ease things in? It's been a long time [...]

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Are you using AI on your website?

2 months ago by Ciprian | 0 0 103

Are you using any AI provider (mainly OpenAI/GPT 3/4) on your website? If no, what other provider or solution are [...]

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WordPress Maintenance and Support from Real People

2 months ago by Ciprian | 0 0 115

Never worry about your WordPress website again. From hosting to security and updates, we do it all. Focus on your [...]

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